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There are two types of people in this world, the rich and the poor, but there is a huge difference between them mentally as well as financially. 

Their ways of observing and living life are different.

In this generation, everyone wants to level up their financial game and learn the art of making money, to work for themselves, not others.

As a result, many people choose to read many financial books to gain knowledge from the best financial experts in the world.

One of them is Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, which has won the respect of many people all around the world.

It defines how to make money that will pay much higher than any job. If you also want to start your journey and buy this book within your budget, then you can buy it here,

But if you want to know the six main lessons from the rich dad poor dad book without any hassle, then this article is for you!

  1. The Illusion Of Rat Race

From childhood to becoming an adult, our parents teach us that there’s the only way to succeed in life; and that is to study hard. They send us to very reputable schools and colleges, taking loans for our higher education.

But according to rich dad and poor dad, this is the wrong mindset because school always teaches us how to find a good job and become an employee. 

As a result, schools cannot give us the financial knowledge that the modern world requires.  

When school is over, and the kid becomes an adult and finds that job, they realize there is no happiness. Finally, they start hating their job, but unfortunately, it is very late.

Because it has been stuck in the rat race, even its several tries, it doesn’t seem to work to get out of this illusion; they can’t do it because, till that time, it will suffer from family pressure, fear of losing the job, and many more responsibilities.

  1. Invest in Assets, not in Liabilities

According to the book, the author says that we become financially free only if we know that investing in assets is much more beneficial than investing in liabilities.

For those who don’t know about assets, the author says that the thing that can create money for you without even working for them is an asset, and the things that increase our daily or monthly expenses are liabilities.

So make sure to invest your money in the right thing.

  1. Holding money is more important than creating it.

You have seen many people say that they earn a lot, but they cannot sustain it for a longer time; have you ever thought about the reason behind it?

Many sports players and prominent celebrities suddenly fade away and later fight for survival; ever imagine why?

The book’s author claims these individuals lack the knowledge necessary to survive and increase their financial situation.

They spend their money on wrong things that don’t matter and make their expenses higher than their income.

As a result, they suddenly collapse from their sweet days.

  1. Dive into a business along with your job

The only way to get your vehicle back on the path is only possible if we know how to manage it. If you are not comfortable with quitting your job, no problem,

Find Out a side hustle, give some of your efforts there, and then slowly get out the form you 9-5, find out some assets that can automatically help generate money for you.

Because working for yourself and investing for yourself is much more worthy than working like crazy for others.

  1. A higher salary does not fix your financial problems

Let’s suppose one day you feel very energetic and happy and you know why your boss has increased your salary!

Congratulations from my side 🙂

You probably think that now your all financial problems will automatically solve from now,

But wait, your happiness doesn’t remain much more, because the salary increase also increases the problems you will face.

Before then, you have less budget, and you probably spend your money according to your budget, but after it increases, maybe your wife wants a piece of new jewelry, or your children wish for an increment in their pocket money, who knows?

As a parent, you always imagine a brighter future for your kid, so you send it to some great universities.

Now see, does your salary increase? Is your problem solved?

Eventually No! Right?

So the author says that we must learn how to save and grow our money first. 

Instead of spending your money on liabilities, spend it on some assets that can help you make more from it, and once your income gets higher than your expense, you should look up to the luxuries and liabilities you want.

  1. Compliments are nothing without knowledge and plans

We all know that McDonald’s, Nike, and such big brands. Now think about that, Is there nobody that can make better burgers than McDonald’s? 

Is there nobody who can make better shoes than Nike?

Of course, NOT! Many companies can give you a way better burger than McDonald’s at the same price, but the question is, why aren’t they famous?

The reason is a Lack of knowledge and skills; they don’t know how to take their products globally.

The author says that we always have to work on our knowledge and skills because, in a world full of competition, many people are better than us in our specific field. Still, the only reason they are successful and you’re not is a lack of knowledge, skills, plans, and execution.


These are the six guidelines that will ensure your financial success. However, as we all know that expanding our knowledge and learning new things is essential, following the advice in this book alone won’t take your financial game to the next level.

The only thing that can truly make you successful is more knowledge.

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