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Life is full of ups and downs. We face our good times and the bad time in this only one life. 

We create some unforgettable memories and meet new people, but what happens if the person who gave us lovely memories becomes a memory?

In “The Fault In Our Stars” book, you will feel the emotions of the main character of the book, Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus. The magical words of John Green give life to this novel.

If you have just bought this masterpiece and wanna dive into the vast roller coaster of emotions, you have to know some essential points to get the best from this book.

Essential Highlights Of “The Fault In Our Stars” Book

The legendary book was created by John Green, a novel writer, on January 10, 2012.

This novel was the fourth solo novel and the sixth overall novel of John Green. The magical words of John Green give life to the characters of the book.

There are two primary characters in the book, a sixteen-year-old girl named Hazel who, regrettably, has had thyroid cancer since childhood.

The second main character and the spark of Hazel’s life, Augustus, describes the real meaning of life.

Sadly he also has deadly cancer. The story is a powerhouse of emotions; you can feel every single word of this novel and handle a bunch of emotions throughout the entire book. 

Probably you have read many stories before, but why am I saying to read it once in your life? Here’s why?

What Makes This Book So Special?

You have read many novels, but this one is entirely different; you will soon get to know why I am saying this.

The story of Hazel and Augustus is so heart-touching; the difficulties they are facing to live their dreams in the short span of their life profoundly impact many readers.

As a cancer patient, Hazel is not an extrovert and feels uncomfortable while making new friends, but when his parents forced him to join him in a cancer support group, her life changed in many ways.

She made her very first friend in that group, Whose name was Isaac since it was a cancer support group, so everybody there was a cancer patient for sure.

So Isaac is also a cancer patient. He has cancer in his eyes; as a result, he has already lost one sight, and he soon lost both eyes.

But as we know, we have to face our problems and never set back due to our lack of abilities; with this same mindset, Augustus comes into the life of Hazel, and soon Hazel starts to share his feelings with Augustus and creates a good friendship with him.

According to the novel, Augustus completely changes her way of living life. He believes in living a quality life full of memories, not a long and tedious life without memories.

I will not ruin your experience by discussing the entire story and the ending here, but I bet this story will be worth your time.

What You Should Know Before Reading This Legendary Book

No matter what feelings you had while purchasing this book, I bet you, that your way of living life will change.

We all think that our life is insensitive, and nobody can see our pain, but the pain and emotions you will feel while reading the book will change your mindset of observing your life.

Because Hazel has thyroid cancer, the author says she must carry a bag full of oxygen, which is necessary to help her breathe and also keep him alive.

Our second main character, Augustus, also experiences problems as a result of having osteosarcoma, a bone cancer that has forced him to lose one of his legs. Only those who are able to process the book’s emotional content should read it.

Life Lessons You Are Going To Learn Through “The Fault In Our Stars”

  1. Every person you meet is engaged in their struggles.

As humans, we only see our pain and difficulties as bigger than anyone else on this planet.

But the fact is everybody has their journey and faces their struggles, so instead of sitting down and complaining about your life, try to find out the reason that makes you happy.

  1. Your disabilities do not define you.

Many people don’t even dare to stand out and do something different due to their disabilities and only follow the path that society has created for them, 

but many successful people forget about their disabilities and choose a separate and unique way and create history.

“Try to live a life of which you can be proud.”

  1. The world is not beautiful as you think.

When Hazel and Augustus go to Amsterdam to find out the book’s ending, which makes them very curious, Peter Van Houten, the author of the book “Imperial Affliction”,  shows insulting and strange behavior toward them.

Hazel doesn’t expect this kind of behavior from him. Her imagination regarding Van Houten is a waste.

Since the world does not function according to our imagination and is not as lovely as we can get to the conclusion that it is not what we perceive it to be.

  1. There is only one life; live it as you want

We all know that we have to leave this world one day, so why do we follow the boundaries created by the world? 

In this short life, experience everything, love, happiness, travel, and create memories; live the life you want because this chance will never come again.


The fault in our stars is a legendary book full of life-changing lessons, emotions, and many more, so before you start reading the book, this guide will give you an overview of the best way to approach this book and whether or not it will be worthwhile.

So without wasting any more time here, go and feel the genuine fault in our stars!

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