Acumen Vs DrChrono

Whether you’re looking to build a patient portal for your medical practice or simply need to communicate with your patients, there are a variety of options to choose from. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, affordable option that doesn’t require a ton of training, you’ll find that Acumen and DrChrono are both worth a look.

Pricing information

Choosing between DrChrono and Acumen EHR can be an easy decision to make if you’re looking for an all-in-one platform to manage your healthcare practice. Both companies offer a comprehensive suite of tools that can help you increase your productivity and reduce billing errors.

DrChrono’s pricing is very competitive. In fact, it starts as low as $199 for its basic tier. That includes a free trial. You’ll pay more if you want more features, though. The Apollo Plus plan, which includes RCM, starts at $599 per provider.

DrChrono’s iPad and iPhone compatible EHR allows you to manage patient intake, billing and revenue cycle management. You can also use DrChrono’s e-prescribing platform to secure electronic prescriptions for controlled substances.

DrChrono offers a 30-day free trial. That’s a great option for new practices to get a feel for its features and capabilities. You can also request an online help center or training sessions.


Whether you are a physician, clinic, or managed care organization, you are required to keep your patients safe. You also need to be able to bill accurately and keep up with the latest industry and government regulations. In the process, you need to hire a reliable and HIPAA compliant medical billing company.

You are probably wondering what the HIPAA compliant EHR app, DrChrono EHR review has to offer your practice. This innovative application allows you to make virtual doctor appointments, track your patient’s progress, and manage your intake and revenue cycle management. You can also create and share custom templates with third-party payers. You will also enjoy free setup assistance and customer service.

DrChrono’s all-in-one EHR is a great way to keep track of your patients’ health and medical information. It is easy to navigate and includes smart shortcuts that increase efficiency. It is also compatible with EPCS, an electronic prescription system that submits to more than 40,000 labs. You can even send prescriptions via fax or email.

Customizable services for medical and non-medical specialties

Using a cloud-based EHR, like Acumen EHR, is a great way to streamline patient records, and boost patient satisfaction. However, the most expensive part of this equation is the software itself, which starts at about $1200 for a one-person practice.

The most impressive EHR solution is the DrChrono All-in-One, which combines an incorporated billing dashboard, an electronic health record, and an online patient portal. The software also allows for easy mobile compatibility, and has an EPCS submission to more than 40k labs. With an all-in-one EHR, you can focus on the clinical aspects of your practice, and still enjoy all the benefits of a cloud-based EHR.

The aforementioned EHR solution isn’t the only cloud-based solution on the market, but the DrChrono team was able to develop a platform that is best suited to the unique needs of smaller practices.

Integrations with Gentem

Using Gentem’s practice management platform with Acumen and DrChrono can provide your practice with a number of benefits. These features include an easy-to-use interface, reliable insurance checks, and risk-free billing and claims assessment. The Gentem platform also provides reporting tools that help you find revenue opportunities. These features can also help improve patient satisfaction and patient expectations.

Gentem’s platform can also help your practice improve patient communication and reduce the number of hospitalizations. The company uses validated patient-reported outcome instruments to score symptoms, identify patients who may need attention, and inform treatment decisions. It also offers a unified, mobile-driven process that unifies your patient care team. It also offers HIPAA-compliant integration with DrChrono.

Gentem’s dashboards provide easy-to-understand metrics that provide a clear picture of financial performance. It also provides easy-to-use reporting tools to help you find revenue opportunities. This allows you to maximize collections and accelerate reimbursements.

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Despite the competition in the EHR app arena, the DrChrono juggernaut has managed to wrangle up an enviable list of high-fliers. Here’s a look at why these highfliers chose the company to build their empire. DrChrono is the king of the iPad EHR apps, allowing doctors to work remotely and track critical medical data like controlled substances in a matter of seconds. It’s a slick piece of software and a true win-win. It’s a no brainer for doctors looking for a way to improve the patient experience while also making sure they don’t miss a beat.

Acumen has also managed to come up with an impressive list of features to help make the practice easier than ever. In fact, it’s the largest cloud-based EHR app in the App Store. Its patented augmented reality technology provides users with the ability to overlay virtual patient avatars on a real-life image. The software also sports a host of other features like a virtual notepad to allow doctors to jot down notes while on the go and a built-in photo booth for snapping shots of patients.

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